Groupement Pétrolier Luxembourgeois a.s.b.l. founded in 1979.

According to its articles of association, Groupement Pétrolier Luxembourgeois is composed of entities working in the fields of import and commercialisation of fuels and/or liquid or gaseous combustibles and/or any other derivate from petroleum refining.

Today, GPL members are corporations belonging to the major petroleum companies active in Luxembourg as well as some independent companies.

Our Mission

The associations purpose consists in studying economic and social issues interesting for the defence of its members interests and of petroleum trade interests.
It can do any activity which is directly or indirectly linked to this purpose.

Contact us

Groupement Pétrolier Luxembourgeois a.s.b.l.
B.P. 1304
L-1013 Luxembourg
7, rue Alcide de Gasperi
Phone: +352 43 53 66 1